Mar 3, 2013 · 2013's World of Wheels show and Tuner Galleria were full of some stunning cars.

Tuner Galleria is a new car show event coming to Chicago at the beginning of March.

) The event is being held (indoors) exclusively on Saturday, March 14th, 2015 at the Donald E. .

It’s time once again for our coverage of the annual World of Wheels and Tuner Galleria event that took place this past weekend.


The event is from March 5-7 giving car show competitors the experience of a full production indoor car show. You've seen the vlog now check out the actual event. .

World of Wheels/Tuner Galleria.

1691 Views 6 Replies 6 Participants. Enjoy:. Yesterday I took a trip down to Chicago to check out Tuner Galleria and World of Wheels.

. Nov 30, 2018 · This second show, dubbed the Tuner Galleria, has been part of World of Wheels for seven years running.

23 hours ago · We provided a closer look at one of Bisi's other Porsche EV projects, a 1984 935, back in 2020.


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to/3eN0Op2 Not even sure what you call this but it was awesome and LOUD AF! Bouncing off the rev-limited,. Tuner Galleria features a collection of the finest European and Japanese modern muscle and sport compact vehicles paired with live entertainment,.

Chicago, IL - January 5, 2011.


Most if not all cars.

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Here is the official video that I did for World of Wheels/Tuner Galleria. . On the first floor of the Donald E Stephens convention center, World of Wheels was made up of mostly American Muscle while. . . .

Rocket bunny 6666 wheels!.

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Keep in mind our blogger did this write-up while in the midst of the TG/WoW atmosphere, so we’ll warn you when we say that drinking probably contributed to this write-up.

This one-day show happened as part of the World of Wheels cars show in Rosemont.